plasma pen

What It Is & How It Works

A plasma pen treatment is a non-invasive way to tighten mildly sagging skin, lessen fine lines, and improve acne scars. It triggers a healing response that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, for skin rejuvenation from the inside out.

The plasma pen works by converting electrical energy into an oxygen-and-nitrogen plasma stream. When that gas hits the skin’s surface, it creates microtrauma and causes collagen fibers within the dermis to contract. This creates some immediate firming and a more long-term tightening effect as collagen production ramps up.

It can be an effective treatment to improve appearance of fine lines, lessen appearance of deep wrinkles, and smooth texture. 

The Plasma Pen is the world’s leading plasma application device for the appearance of wrinkles, aging, skin laxity, tone, and texture. Plasma Pen treatment can unlock the skin’s potential for more youthful looking skin. You can have tighter, smoother skin in just 1 treatment with long lasting results.

Topical numbing agents are applied to the skin prior to treatment. Most clients report minimal discomfort and often describe the treatment as tingly.

Although results are sometimes seen immediately after the skin has healed, it takes up 12 weeks to see the final results. Even though the skin has healed on the outside, collagen remodeling is still taking place.

After Plasma Pen treatment there will be tiny crusts (brown dots) on the skin that will fall off in about 5-7 days. When the dots shed, the underlying skin may be pinkish in color (new skin) which will fade over time in as little as 2 weeks but possibly a few months.

Results vary per client as lifestyle and at home skincare can affect your results. Plasma  Pen Treatment delivers long lasting results that can last up to 3 years.

Plasma Pen treatment is recommended for skin types I-III only. For skin types IV-VI it is best to discuss other treatment options with our provider.